French English online interpreting wherever you are in the world.
French English online interpreting

Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting allows the different participants not to travel. This type of service allows for the exchange of mainly off-site information. 

In these times of pandemic COVID 19 and CORONA virus, offering and receiving services remotely becomes crucial ; when most professionals and businesses have to stay at home, locked down by the authorities.

A site visit is possible if the participants are equipped with a tablet connected in wifi or 4G.

At the scheduled time, everyone connects and is simultaneously present in a group. It is also possible to display information by sharing the screen to improve understanding.

Case study:

A communication agency in Paris asks me if I can provide interpretation (interpreting) between a French journalist working for an electronics magazine and a CEO of a start-up in Los Angeles.

The remote online interpreting mission starts

After having studied the case and each speakers’profile, on the D day, the different speakers join the group I created on Skype and after the usual presentations the interview begins. This is consecutive interpreting, i.e. each speaker speaks for a few minutes, stops to have me translate orally to the other speaker.

Remote interpreting. French English online interpreting by Skype

The advantages of Remote interpreting are multiple:

  • No travel, you save time
  • Fuel saving
  • Zero carbon footprint, a genuine eco-friendly service
  • Global mobility, each participant can reside anywhere in the world

What are the limits?

  • You have to deal with the time zones of the different stakeholders.
  • The number of speakers are limited to 5 for an optimal quality of service
  • A tablet, a desktop or a laptop and a reliable internet connection are required

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