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Our teams of certified translators and interpreters can translate any type of document into English in both the IT and electronics fields.

Languages translated: English to French - French to English - other languages on request

Computer and electronic translation issues

Translation in the IT field requires a good knowledge of the terminology concerned but also a certain practice and understanding of IT in general. In the IT field, we talk more about "localization" than translation, since the exercise does not only consist in translating but also in adapting the texts to the end user in order to obtain the best possible user experience.

Sample deliverables

We offer a wide range of technical translation services in computer and electronics fields:

Software and manuals

Software and manuals

Information Technology Publications

Video Games


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Conferences on innovation

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Examples of collaborations

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Accounting management application

An industrial company in Le Havre asks us to translate and adapt into English an accounting management application of the American group to which it belongs. The subsidiary's French developers have developed a software solution to manage purchasing, supplier payments and other related activities. This application complies with French accounting and tax regulations. The Oracle application must be adapted to American accounting rules. I communicate with all the necessary interlocutors (project manager, computer programmer, French and American accountants) in order to ask all the questions which will make it possible to locate this application and to meet the customer’s and the world group’s expectations.

Container loading software

A container management company has developed software for loading containers onto ships. The mission consists in translating the software and its manual into English. In this case it is also essential to understand the purpose and operation of the software in order to accurately translate the message and allow users the best experience with this tool.
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