Intercultural management training

This training is intended for people who have an expatriation project or who are destined to work in multicultural companies, abroad or in their country of residence.

1 à 12 participants | 16H (2 jours) | Séance personnalisable à la demande | Videoconferencing or face-to-face No prerequisites |1600 € nets

Undestanding intercultural management

Working with people from different geographical backgrounds poses a number of challenges in terms of understanding one's environment and human relationships. This mainly involves more complex issues related to cultural differences. It is therefore important to give a full place to interculturality within companies.
cross-cultural management

Training objectives

Understanding cultural differences

Understand the international environment and cultural differences.

Adapting to differences

Behaviours, working methods and approaches related to the cultures of the people involved.

Conflict management

Anticipate conflict situations related to cultural differences.

Program content

1. Intercultural communication.

2. Slow and fast messages.

3. Levels of information by culture.

4. The notion of space and occupation of the territory.

5. Time and its way of apprehending it according to the cultures.

6. Cultures according to time management.

7. The relationship between time and space.

8. The past and futuristic approach.

9. Time in communication.

10. The sequence of actions.

11. Cultural interfacing.

12. Negotiation rules.

13. Assessment of the training.

A training certificate will be delivered after a final test.

Location of the training In the office of the client company or in a training room of a service provider according to the specific needs of the client.

Technical means Computer and video projector. PDF and PowerPoint files. Shared cloud space.

Trainer's profile: Patrick Lemarié, International Management Consultant

Disabled people or people with disabilities

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Teaching methods

Training in intercultural management is based on the following teaching methods:

Customised exercises

Role-playing and simulations

Training materials provided

PDF, PowerPoint and video clips

Participatory and active pedagogy

Debates, group work and sub-groups

Exchange of experiences

Sharing personal experiences

Let's work together

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