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Our mission is to facilitate your company's communication and relations with its foreign partners in order to optimise its export efficiency by relying on linguists and specialists in intercultural relations.

Our primary objective is to understand your company and your core business in order to better translate the initial meaning of your documents. We translate more than just words, we are the passers of meaning.

Translation services

My team of translators and I can translate your documents into European and Asian language pairs. A technical translation is an exercise which consists in transposing a source message specific to the field of the company with the terminology associated with its activities. So we have to understand the context. First, it is the client who represents the best source of information that will allow the source message to later be transposed into a target message that will make sense to the recipient. It is therefore a transposition exercise that goes far beyond purely linguistic skills. It is also essential to take into account the intercultural dimension.
translation in English, Spanish, German and French

Interpretation services

In an interpretation situation, it is essential to have prepared the assignment by discussing it with the client beforehand in order to have an excellent knowledge of the context. Interpreting (or interpretation) is a "netless" exercise: you have to be lively, reactive, intuitive and know how to adapt to the situation and the people you are speaking to.

Liaison interpreting

As a liaison interpreter, I accompany clients on site when they need to communicate with foreign contacts in English/French and French/English. During a visit to an industrial water treatment plant for example, where each operator in the different work stations explains to foreign visitors the different phases of treatment of contaminated water. People speak French for about 3 minutes then stop, I translate into English for visiting technicians and engineers, then I translate visitors' questions from English into French. This is consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous whispered interpreting

During conferences or congresses, I can translate simultaneously sitting among clients (2 to 4 maximum) and away from other participants by whispering the oral translation, so as not to disturb other participants.
My last experience: Whispered and consecutive simultaneous interpretation during the workshops of a conference on Mobility in Europe in Le Havre in October 2017.

Types of interventions

Remote interpreting by Skype

Live interpretation

Live interpretation consists of being present in the middle of a group during a company or site visit and translating the participants' exchanges consecutively.

Remote interpretation

This service allows the various participants not to move. This type of service is mainly used to exchange information off-site. Site visit excluded. At the scheduled time everyone connects and is simultaneously present in a group. It is also possible to display information by sharing the screen to improve understanding.

Areas of expertise

Maritime and naval

Examples of deliverables: specifications, construction contracts, technical data sheets, SOLAS and safety at sea manuals, expert reports, maritime documents, manifests, letters of credit...

Legal and fiscal

Examples of deliverables: tax rescripts, posted worker contracts, employment contracts, accounting documents, court judgments, contractual breach of contract, etc.

Technical and engineering

Examples of deliverables: specifications, contracts, technical data sheets, calls for tenders, user manuals, inspection reports, analysis reports, etc.

Chemical and petrochimical

Examples of deliverables: product data sheets, product presentation brochures, specifications, calls for tenders, user manuals, visit reports, analysis reports, etc.

Computers and electronics

Examples of deliverables: software and manuals, hardware manuals, publications, video games, websites, comparative commentaries, innovation conferences...

Marketing and advertising

Examples of deliverables: communication campaigns, scripts and advertising models, official publications, websites, press articles, calls for tenders, audits, presentation materials...


I would definitely recommend Mr Lemarie as an interpreter and felt he offered a lot of additional help and support that many interpreters may not have been willing to do.
Sharon D.
Children's guardian, Manchester Court, United Kingdom
Patrick lemarié delivers high quality work, and always before the agreed deadline. We are happy to have him on our team and can recommend his services to anyone interested in a reliable resource for technical English into French.
Taalwerk Textperts BV
Huub Koomen Managing Director

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