Ethics Officer Training before certification

This training is intended for the Ethics and Legal Officer working in a company where an anti-corruption policy and compliance with CSR standards must be implemented. It is suitable for employees who do not have specific experience in managing business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Training objectives

Understanding corruption

• Understand and detect corruption within the company and in its activities.

• Recognize the risks of corruption and how it occurs.

Implement the necessary measures

• Estimate the damage that bribery can generate against your business and society in general.

• Take steps to avoid and resist bribes and illegal benefits of any kind.

• Implement the necessary measures to prevent acts of corruption and comply with CSR standards.


1. The legal framework governing corruption

2. Bribes

3. The jurisdictional part

4. Who can be responsible?

5. High-risk areas

6. Legal Defences

7. Regulatory and enforcement agencies

8. Legal consequences

9. Prosecution deferral agreements

10. Summary of the key points of the training

11. Questionnaire, knowledge evaluation quiz at the end of the course

12. Debriefing and training review

Teaching methods

Location of the training

At the customer's premises or remotely

1 session | 2 hours

In order to best prepare the ethical and legal officer

Delivery of a follow-up certificate

At the end of the training session

Various teaching aids

Powerpoint, videos and Word files

Customised training

Personalized training adapted to the level and needs of trainees and companies.

Participatory pedagogy

Participatory pedagogy involving the experience of trainees

Post-training questionnaire

One month after the training to measure the impact of the new knowledge implemented in the company


Find a reliable Malagasy partner to develop the activities of a French logistics platform in the Indian Ocean. Accompaniment of the partner to create his company, specific Backoffice training. Training in good business practices to work with a French company (European standards). Use of the local network of French expatriates to carry out the mission.
June 2019

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