Team management training

This training is intended for people who have to manage a team. Functions can concern a project, a service, a study, production, purchasing, sales, after-sales, quality assurance, etc.

1 à 12 participants | 16H (2 jours) | Séance personnalisable à la demande | En visioconférence ou en présentiel | Pas de prérequis |1600 € nets

apprehend team management

Team management is essential to establish a pleasant quality of life at work. Team management requires the ability to energise, motivate and improve communication with employees in order to set up effective collaboration and intelligent decision-making processes. This management of human relations involves management training, an introduction to team building and better team cohesion by managing possible psychosocial risks.
Management d'équipe en entreprise.

Training objectives

Develop your skills

Apprehend team management through theoretical and practical training.

Implementation of knowledge

Put into practice the knowledge acquired in team management through simulation exercises.

Program content

1. The Manager's Tasks.

2. Motivate.

3. Organise.

4. Delegate.

5. Communicate.

6. Inform.

7. Representation function.

8. The Manager’s qualities.

9. Team Manager Tools.

10. Other issues and assessment of training.

A training certificate will be delivered after a final test.

Location of the training In the office of the client company or in a training room of a service provider according to the specific needs of the client.

Technical facilities Computer and video projector. PDF and PowerPoint files. Shared cloud space.

Trainer profile: Patrick Lemarié, International Management Consultant

Public handicapé ou en situation de handicap

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Teaching methods

Team management training is based on the following teaching methods:

Customised exercises

Role-playing and simulations

Exchange of experiences

Sharing personal experiences

Participatory and active pedagogy

Debates, group work and sub-groups

Let's work together

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