Analysis of CSR & ethical risks before EcoVadis / SMETA certifications

Cette formation est destinée à aider les entreprises à se préparer avant un audit de certification RSE ou avant un audit EcoVadis / SMETA en éthique des affaires. Pas de prérequis. 1 à 4 participants | 4H (1/2 journée) | Séance personnalisable à la demande| Visioconférence ou présentiel | 400 € nets

Understanding business ethics

The emergence of ethics in all spheres of our society leads us to question the place it occupies in companies and more broadly in professional practices. It is essential to help companies set up internal procedures to ensure that their activity is as ethical as possible, in order, in particular, to limit the risks for the company (criminal, civil, reputation, etc.).

Accompagnement RSE et éthique des affaires

Training objectives

Framing the need

Assistance with risk analysis on the theme of business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Risk analysis table, mapping and monitoring of corrective measures .

Individual support

Assistance in the implementation of internal control in business ethics, appointment of an internal controller and training.


Sales, purchasing, logistics, maintenance, HR, quality, site managers, safety manager, regulatory, R&D, general managers and any person who can participate in the selection of a supplier and the establishment of contracts with another company in order to be able to respond to the main issues.

Domaines d'expertise

Program content

1. Avoiding embezzlement and corruption

2. Fight against corruption

3. Responsible competition

4. Information security

5. Responsible marketing and data privacy

6. Conflict of interest

7. Excessive gifts, donations to associations, political contributions...

8. Facilitating payments

9. Money laundering

10. Appropriate responses to business ethics issues
(communication and appropriate management)

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