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Our team of certified translators and interpreters can translate any type of technical document into English to promote a wide ranger of engineering activities: machines, electronics, hydraulics, industrial equipment, chemistry, petrochemistry ...

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Challenges of technical translation

Companies developing high-tech products need to showcase their innovations around the world to potential buyers who speak foreign languages and belong to different cultures. The main contact for this assignment is the specialised technical translator who knows how to take an interest in his clients' businesses and who has a corporate technical culture.

Examples of delivered documents and services.

We offer a wide range of technical translation services

Specification books


Technical data sheets

Calls for tenders

Operating, maintenance and servicing manuals

Inspection and audit reports

Analysis reports

Examples of collaborations

Car manufacturer

An engineering company asks us to translate several documents from English into French, for the modification of a conveyor belt to robots, for a car manufacturer. We ask the client the necessary questions in order to know exactly what project our client will have to develop for the car manufacturer. We also discuss with this company to find out what they expect from our service. During the translation we call the client back to obtain details of the documents in order to avoid any ambiguity and to provide a service that will meet the client's expectations in every respect.

Transport of chemicals

A company transporting chemicals by tanker asks us to translate work procedures for washing their tanks into English. We study their website describing the washing operations and ask the carwash manager the necessary questions to translate the documents as accurately as possible. We check on the Internet the terminology of the target language that will best describe our client's activities.
chemical tank

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