English legal training

This training is intended for people who have already studied English and who hold positions in litigation or legal departments.

1 à 12 participants | 10H (1jour 1/2) | Séance personnalisable à la demande | Visioconférence ou présentiel | Prérequis : Niveau B2 européen |1000 € nets

Understanding the legal sector

The globalisation of business and more precisely of contractual relations is a real challenge for companies since they must bring together the main principles of each legal system with its own terminology. It is therefore essential to develop solid linguistic knowledge to adapt to the subtle and more complex exercise of legal translation.
traduction de contrats juridiques

Training objectives

Develop your skills

Know how to interpret and understand the most common contracts.

Enriched vocabulary

To know the vocabulary of legal English.

Applying knowledge

Know how to draft simple clauses while avoiding ambiguities.

Program content

1. Written learning of legal vocabulary.

2. Study of contracts (service provision, collaboration, distribution).

3. Work on oral comprehension of legal English through thematic videos.

4. Revision and deepening of grammatical bases.

5. Competence assessment.

A training certificate will be delivered after a final test.

Certification: Pipplet FLEX. eligible for the (French) Personal Training Account.

Location of the training In the office of the client company or in a training room of a service provider according to the specific needs of the client.

Technical means Computer and video projector. PDF and PowerPoint files. Shared cloud space.

Trainer's profile: Patrick Lemarié, International Management Consultant

Disabled people or people with disabilities

See our general conditions of sale.

General Sales Conditions for Training

See our detailed conditions.

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Teaching methods

Training in legal English is based on the following teaching methods:

Specific case studies

Service delivery, collaboration, distribution

Various learning materials

Dictionary and Guide to Legal Translation by Frédéric Houbert, videos...

Participatory and active pedagogy

Debates, group work and sub-groups

Exchange of experiences

Sharing personal experiences

Let's work together

If you wish to obtain some information on a service, or you want to collaborate with me, or if you simply would like to ask me a question, contact me now.

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