Chemical and petrochemical translation

Our teams of certified interpreters and translators can translate any type of technical document related to chemistry and petrochemistry into English. These fields also include spin-off activities such as machinery, tools, industrial equipment, design and engineering offices, etc.).

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Challenges of technical translation in the chemical field

We have started our translation activities in the Normandy basin at the heart of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Translating documents in these areas requires a good basic technical and engineering culture. It is essential that the translator has visited industrial units to understand the different processes used and asks the right questions to obtain a good industrial company culture.

Examples of delivered documents and services.

We offer a wide range of services for the technical translation of chemical and petrochemical documents

Technical data sheets of products

Product presentation brochures

Specification books

Calls for tenders

Operating, maintenance and servicing manuals

Inspection and audit reports

Analysis reports

Examples of collaborations

Maintenance document

An industrial company asks us to translate a study on the implementation of preventive maintenance in its units. We meet the engineer in charge of the project and ask the questions necessary to understand the business before translating the documents.

Interpretation for a company in Le Havre

A company in Le Havre specialised in industrial wastewater treatment asks us to provide English/French interpretation of the presentation of their activities to their customers and partners as well as consecutive interpretation during the visit of the various treatment stations (preliminary analysis laboratory, filtration, etc.).
interpretation on chemical treatment

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