Business ethics and governance training

This training is intended for employees working in companies where a business ethics policy has not been implemented yet, or needs to be updated or improved. It is also suitable for employees who do not have business ethics management experience.

1 to 12 participants | 15 hours’ training

Understanding business ethics

L’émergence de l’éthique dans toutes les sphères de notre société nous pousse à nous interroger sur la place qu’occupe celle-ci dans les entreprises et plus largement dans les pratiques professionnelles. Il est indispensable d’aider les entreprises à mettre en place des procédures internes visant à ce que leur activité soit la plus éthique possible, afin, notamment, de limiter les risques pour l’entreprise (pénal, civil, réputation…).

éthique des affaires et gouvernance

Training objectives

Develop your skills

Understand Business Ethics, its major influence on managerial practices and the good governance of organisations.

Management of ethical issues

To know how to implement practical methods when confronted with ethical and moral questions.

Program content

1. Introduction to Ethics.

2. Myths about Business Ethics.

3. Advantage of an Ethnic Business Management in the company.

4. Description of a very ethical organisation.

5. Overview of Business Ethics Management Programs.

6. Guidelines for Business Ethics Management in the Enterprise.

7. Key Roles and Responsibilities in the Management of Business Ethics.

8. Codes of Ethics.

9. Codes of Conduct.

10. Policies and Procedures.

11. Resolution of Ethical Issues.

12. Application exercises.

A training certificate will be delivered after a final test.

Location of the training In the office of the client company or in a training room of a service provider according to the specific needs of the client.

Technical facilities Computer and video projector. PDF and PowerPoint files. Shared cloud space.

Trainer profile: Patrick Lemarié, International Management Consultant

Teaching methods

Training in intercultural management is based on the following teaching methods:

Customised exercises

Role-playing and simulations

Exchange of experiences

Sharing personal experiences

Participatory and active pedagogy

Debates, group work and sub-groups

Let's work together

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