Legal and tax translation

Our teams of certified translators can translate any type of legal and tax document, taking into account the specificities of the laws and legislations concerned.

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Challenges of the legal and tax translation

Globalisation has intensified trade and confronted companies with issues related to the different laws involved. Translating a tax ruling or a posted worker contract implies knowing European law in order to respect the initial meaning on the one hand and not to "create law" on the other. In this case, the translator must be more than a linguist and know how to effectively question his client in order to perfectly carry out his mission.

Examples of delivered documents and services.

We offer a wide range of services for legal and tax translation:

Tax rulings

Posted worker contracts

Work contracts

Accounting documents (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts)

Court judgments

Translation and interpretation in the framework of a contractual breach of contract

Examples of collaborations

Tax ruling for an Asian company

A tax lawyer asks us to translate a study for a French subsidiary of an Asian company in order to submit a tax ruling to the French tax authorities. We read and study the document carefully and ask the lawyer the necessary questions in order to transpose the source document in the best conditions.

Contract for the supply of posted workers

A commercial office belonging to a foreign company asks us to translate a contract for the supply of posted workers to work on a construction site in the region. We travel to the client's place and ask the questions necessary to fully understand the context of the case and carry out our mission.
posted worker contract translation

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