English hotel, restaurant and tourism

This training is intended for barmen, head butlers, receptionists, tourist reception agents and, as a general rule, anyone in contact with an Anglo-Saxon clientele or speaking English to communicate in the tourism sector.

1 to 12 participants | 36 hours’ training

Understanding international tourism

In a context where France is the first tourist destination in the world, it is essential to master English to welcome its customers. The tourist frequentation is in constant increase and is marked by an increase of foreign customers in metropolitan France and its overseas territories. The same holds true for the restaurant sector, where teams often have to greet and serve clients in English.
Objectifs de la formation en anglais appliqué au tourisme

Training objectives

Develop your skills

Develop a solid knowledge base in English applied to tourism.

Enriched vocabulary

To know the vocabulary of tourist English.

Communicating better

Express yourself effectively and thus respond as well as possible to customer expectations.

Program content

In a friendly atmosphere with a consultant who knows the business world and teaches English at the University of Le Havre, trainees will learn to describe their structure and their region and thus anticipate the needs of clients during their stay in their establishment or in the region. Concrete situations and case studies specific to each activity will be used to involve all trainees.

1. Welcome the client.

2. Basic principles of communication.

3. Different stages of the reception.

4. Contact and customer care.

5. Take leave of the client.

6. Attention signs.

7. Adapt to different types of clientele.

8. Client stay management.

9. Anticipating needs and how to meet them.

10. Client check out management.

11. Thank and retain.

A training certificate will be delivered after a final test.

Certification: Pipplet FLEX. eligible for the (French) Personal Training Account.

Location of the training In the office of the client company or in a training room of a service provider according to the specific needs of the client.

Technical facilities Computer and video projector. PDF and PowerPoint files. Shared cloud space.

Trainer profile: Patrick Lemarié, International Management Consultant

Teaching methods

Training in English for tourism is based on the following teaching methods:

Specific case studies

Understanding recorded conversations

Animated theoretical content

PowerPoint presentations, video film

Participatory and active pedagogy

Reception, telephone reception, room service, table service...

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