Maritime and naval translation

Our teams of certified translators have worked for many years for several shipping companies and players in this field, both in shipping and shipbuilding.

Languages translated: English to French - French to English - other languages on request

Maritime translation and expertise

The maritime sector is one of our translation agency's areas of expertise since we have had the opportunity to work with many players in the city of Le Havre (first French port for foreign trade). Being a good translator and interpreter specialising in the maritime sector means loving the sea, "sea workers" and its associated activities.

We can provide our translation expertise for the following maritime activities:


Maritime and inland waterway transport (merchant navy / freight transport)

Ports and territorial coastal management

Marine activities exploiting sea products and the extraction of marine materials

Offshore oil and gas services

Research and development

Sample deliverables

We offer a wide range of translation services related to the maritime field:

Specifications for shipbuilding

Construction contracts

Technical data sheets

SOLAS and safety at sea manuals

Expert reports for maritime experts & surveyors

Marine documents, manifests, letters of credit

Examples of collaborations

dragage port le havre

Dredging operations

Project for the construction of dredgers for an Economic Interest Group to renew its fleet. We board a dredger to understand how the ship and the dredging operations work. We ask the captain questions to improve our understanding of our client's business before translating technical documents.

Marine Insurance Expert Reports

A marine surveyor wishing to expand his activities internationally and who works with insurance firms covering marine risks asks us if we could collaborate with him to translate his surveys and second-opinion expert’s reports into English. We ask the essential questions to know better the job and the activities of our client before working for him.

traduction assurance maritime

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