Marketing and advertising translation

Our teams of certified translators can translate all types of marketing and advertising documents into English for communication agencies. We translate campaigns, scripts for commercials, publications or even judgments related to the actions carried out by agencies.

Languages translated: English to French - French to English - other languages on request

Translation issues

In advertising, planners expect a translator to be more than a linguist. Translators specialising in marketing and communication must also be creative in translating slogans and taking cultural differences into account in French and English. It is therefore essential that the translator communicates as effectively as possible with the client in order to offer the best service and ensure that the meaning of the initial message is respected once transposed into the target language.

Sample deliverables

We offer a wide range of translation services:

Communication campaigns

Scripts and advertising lay-outs

Official publications


Press articles

Calls for tenders

Audits and project reports

Presentation media

Examples of collaborations

Presentation media

A planning strategist of an advertising agency contacts us so that we translate PowerPoints from French into English for an advertising campaign on dietetic products. We study the source documents to be translated and then ask all the questions to the planner to understand the campaign issue and avoid any ambiguity.

Petition to defend producers and consumers

An advertising agency wants to publish a petition on to defend producers and consumers in mass distribution. We study the initial text of the petition and make sure that the target message will match the spirit of the source message. The target message is then sent to the agency's English-speaking employees to ensure that it meets expectations.
traduction pétition agroalimentaire

Let's work together

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