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The Transport Market Place for Your Business

We put shippers and carriers in contact.

The objective of our market place dedicated to transport and logistics is to link the shipper’s demands with the logistics offers of freight carriers. We allow transactions for Air, River, Maritime, Rail, Road and also by drone. is not an online auction website. It is a second to none Transport Market Place. Our market place also provides its users with a great opportunity to network with the other players.

Identifying talents

In order to make the existence of this transport market place known to as many companies as possible, the founder, Régis Barbenchon, entrusted us with the mission of identifying partners in several countries. Our long-term objective is to be present on all continents and seas.

Our experience and skills in the field of International Management and Intercultural Relations have enabled us to source reliable partners to extend our influence beyond Europe.

TM – An intercultural and ethical project is a marketplace whose purpose is not only to meet the commercial expectations of its users. It is also an intercultural and ethical project. Part of the benefits of which are devoted to the aid and development of humanitarian and environmental actions. Therefore,TransportMarketPlace fully matches Corporate Social Responsibility requirements.

Our values

We naturally embraced this beautiful project because our personal values are in every respect in line with those of its founder and his main partners.

The choice of the people who join us meets this imperative of embracing and sharing the fundamental values of

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