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Before the era of the fast and cheap Internet, it was not really possible to teach or train people in videoconferencing and therefore to learn online.

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Consumer software for videoconferencing training appeared in the early 2000s in the USA and in Europe.

They gradually democratised with MSN (disappeared now) then Skype, Google Hangout , appear.in …

Videoconferencing or web conferencing offer you many advantages when you learn online as they allow you:

  • Not to move and learn online from home or from the office
  • To plan relatively flexible course ranges
  • To be trained individually face to face (by interposed screen)
  • To also benefit from complementary tools and applications allowing you to exchange with the trainer outside the course or training sessions
  • Also to mobilize the learner’s attention (without dropping out)

However, training trainees (or learners) by videoconference requires different skills and pedagogy from conventional classroom training. You must constantly adopt an interactive pedagogy, ask the trainee, not speak for too long, constantly ensure a good communication with the learner and maintain the learner’s attention by keeping in constant contact with him during the session.

It is also essential to have a reliable, uninterrupted connection.

It is for this reason that it is unthinkable to provide training in videoconferencing beyond 8 connected people.

I have already taught 6 people simultaneously in videoconference who were present in the same training room in Madagascar, connected with me who was providing the training from France.

People had already received a PowerPoint and PDF files. The remote learning room in Antananarivo where the 6 trainees were located was equipped with two screens. On one the PowerPoint was displayed and on the other the trainer.

Each trainee who wished to intervene raised his his hand to ask for the floor. I encouraged interaction to make training sessions more alive and to maintain the « connection » with the trainees.

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The fact that the 6 trainees were together in the same training room allowed a certain dynamic, an interaction between the trainees. When I asked them to think about an issue or to work on a particular point.

The dynamics are different when the 6 people are present in different geographical places. In this case the interactions are different, even if everyone participates in real time, sees and hears what others are doing and saying. It is essential in this case to display  all written comments in the form of a continuous chat. It is also possible, with the prior agreement of all the trainees, to record the session so that everyone can review the session and work on specific points.

It is also possible to submit group work involving trainees from different geographical locations, in order to strengthen the link between trainees and not to remain in the « virtual », as it is sometimes experienced when people learn online in e-learing.

In this case aside discussions are not possible. The trainer must therefore also take into account this specific configuration of videoconferencing communication.

A videoconferencing training session is different from a MOOC in that the MOOC looks more like a conference without really interacting with the audience attending the MOOC over the internet.

Video conferencing training requires more interaction with trainees. It’s kind of tailor-made.

What about you? What is your experience in online training?

Are you a trainer or learner?

For people who wish to obtain additional information on my online training courses in videoconferencing, I invite you to get in touch with me.

How can you contact me ?

– You send me your Skype address by email so I can register it, and can reach you on the day of the first appointment and offer you a free 30 minute discovery session.

– We agree together the day and time of the appointment.

If you then wish to be trained by videoconference:

– This formula allows you to schedule training sessions to learn online  at home or from your office, without having to travel and at your own pace. Wherever you live.

– The advantage of Skype* chatting directly with me via your computer’s webcam and microphone, face to face. Contact me to discuss your individual training project.

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