Being a digital nomad:

Digital nomad in Plovdiv Bulgaria Patrick Lemarié
Networking Premium coworking place Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Photo Patrick Lemarié

Below is the script of the video I made in August 2021 when I arrived in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I tell about my organisation as a digital nomad and online consultant.

After the script below, you will find an FAQ.

« So, this is a little video I am doing now. I still have my sunglasses on because it’s very sunny here in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

So, I have just relocated here for a while.

I am just doing this video to tell you that wherever I am, as a digital nomad, I can work online, I can provide clients with teaching in Business Ethics. I can teach people French, Business French and even English.

I can provide clients with translations and I can also provide people with cross-cultural management courses.

Therefore, the advantage of being online and being a digital nomad is to be able to work wherever you are, provided that you have an excellent internet connection, your computer and of course your brain!

The place I am filming now are the former remains of a Roman theatre in Plovdiv.

There are a good number of places that have been well kept, even during communist time.

So, it is quite enjoyable to stay and work in a place which is several centuries old. »


Are you residing in Plovdiv, Bulgaria?

Yes, I am

What online services do you provide?

I can provide:

Courses in:

  • Business French
  • Maritime English
  • English/French Technical Translation
  • Intercultural Management
  • International Management
  • E-business

Courses and training sessions can be delivered in English or in French.

What online tools do you use?

  • Skype
  • WhatsApp for business
  • Yandex cloud

How can we contact you?

  • You can send me a message on WhatsApp
Patrick Lemarié Consulting WhatsApp QR code

Do you offer a free trial to test your online services?

  • Yes, I do. I offer you a 30 minutes videoconference meeting to know more about you, your needs and expectations.

How can we pay you for your services?

You can pay me by bank transfer or by PayPal

Do you travel to your clients ‘place?

It may happen occasionally, but most of the time I work online.

Do you still meet people face to face where you live?

Yes, I do. I belong to a Facebook group Expats in Plovdiv and I regularly attend intercultural events gathering, Bulgarians and expatriates, either in business or meeting for cultural exchanges.

Do you speak Bulgarian?

I am a beginner as I only arrived in August 2021. I can manage to go shopping and ask basic things.

Speaking the local language is a must to show natives your interest for their country and their culture.

Do you recommend any method to learn Bulgarian?

Yes, I do. For French speakers I would recommend La Méthode ASSIMIL “Le Bulgare sans peine” and to take private lessons with a native mastering your mother tongue or at least English if your English is good enough. The first step is definitely to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. There are excellent videos on Youtube to teach you the Bulgarian alphabet.

Do you have any projects to relocate to other countries?

Yes, I do. I wish I could relocate to the Indian Ocean.


Consultant en Management International. traducteur interprète, Professeur Associé. Consultant in International Management. French online teacher. Translator. Interpreter. Associate professor.

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