A REVOLUT debit card to reduce your banking fees

One of the major concerns for a traveller or digital nomad is to be able to withdraw cash during his/her travels without ruining himself/herself and by regularly withdrawing modest sums to avoid carrying too much money with him/her. The REVOLUT debit card addresses this concern.

I ordered the REVOLUT CARD in March 2019 with a delivery cost of 5.99 Euros and used it in Madagascar in July and August of the same year to withdraw cash. This is a Mastercard debit card.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the low exchange fees charged for withdrawals, as you will see on the attached screenshots.

At that time the rate was about 4100 MGA (local Malagasy currency) for one Euro, with a variation of a few MGA during my stay.

MGA-Euro Exchange rate 2019-09-16 à 16.17.09-www-xe-comMGA-Euros Exchange rates 2019-09-16 to 16.17.09-www-xe-com Source https://www.xe.com/fr/currencycharts/?from=EUR&to=MGA&view=1Y

For the following amounts I paid:

Date                       Amount withdrawn in MGA           Bank                 Cost in Euros

8.07.2019               400.000                                        MGA BFV SG        99.99 Euros

12.07.2019             200.000                                       MGA BNI                49.70 Euros

20.07.2019             200.000                                       MGA BFV SG         51.44 Euros

Revolut debit card withdrawals 8 to 20 July 2019Revolut Mobile Application View

Date                       Amount withdrawn in MGA           Bank                 Cost in Euros

24.07.2019            200.000                                       MGA BNI                49.73 Euros

01.08.2019            200.000                                       MGA BFV SG        50.47 Euros

Revolut debit card withdrawals 27 July and 1st August 2019Revolut Mobile Application View

It is interesting to note that for a relatively stable price in July and August 2019 for withdrawals of MGA 200,000, commissions remained relatively low on each transaction.

Travellers who are used to using their usual cards will be able to compare easily.

The Revolut credit card is simple, easy and fast to use from the mobile application (Android). I have tested it in Belgium, France and Madagascar and I have been able to verify with the greatest satisfaction its obvious interest for a traveller.

Revolut, allows you to limit your bank charges abroad!

The problem of traveling abroad outside the Euro zone is mainly the high costs. Between 3 euros and 8 euros for each transaction for most banks.

If like me when you regularly travel, you pay a bank fee for each payment or withdrawal, then my experience may interest you.

The REVOLUT card remains an inexpensive alternative solution to avoid high bank charges abroad.

What is the Revolut card?

REVOLUT debit cardREVOLUT Debit Card

The Head Office of the company providing the Revolut card is based in the United Kingdom. REVOLUT is not a traditional bank such as Caisse d’Epargne, Société Générale, BNP, etc. nor an online bank such as Boursorama, HelloBank, etc. Revolut is a 100% mobile service! In fact, you create your card and manage your account from the mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Affiliated to Mastercard, this payment and withdrawal card which now costs € 6 (but you can receive it for free thanks to me by clicking here

The REVOLUT card allows you to pay for your purchases anywhere in the world FREE* up to a certain amount and regardless of the country’s currency.

The advantages of the Revolut card

  • No commission or fees if you pay with your Revolut card: on the internet or at merchants regardless of the amount.
  • No fees either, if you withdraw less than 200 € per month.
  • Uses the current exchange rate
  • Create and manage your account directly from your smartphone
  • Delivery of the credit card between 3 and 5 days
  • You choose your PIN code
  • It is also a contactless card
  • You can use it anywhere in the world and even on the Internet
  • You manage your expenses in real time (you receive notifications for each use)
  • Easy and fast transfer and money transfer
  • 3 currencies are available to manage your money: EUR, GBP, USD
  • You can use it in more than 120 countries
  • You can block/unblock your prepaid card instantly for security purposes.

The disadvantages of the Revolut card

  • Since a few months, the card has been no longer free:, as iti now charged 6 euros (but you can get it for free thanks to me)
  • No savings possible (but you keep your main bank anyway)
  • No overdraft possible (allowing you to stick to your initial budget)
  • The applications are available only in English (if you wish to improve your skills) you can also contact me here.
  • There is *2% of fees over 200 € withdrawn per month (before it was over 650 €)

Get your Revolut card for free by clicking here.

Enter your phone number and you will receive an invitation to create your account on the Revolut mobile application.

The last word. I really appreciate being able to manage my REVOLUT card and account on my Smartphone with the dedicated mobile application.

Latest information:

REVOLUT has just created the Free Business Accounts

And the

REVOLUT Business Card

REVOLUT debit card and Business Account


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