Videoconference training - Distance learning during lockdown-hello-i-m-nik-F-u45v3k5ik-unsplash
Videoconference training – containment-Photo: hello-i-m-nik-F-u45v3k5ik-unsplash

The situation in France since lockdown

For several weeks now, measures have been taken in several countries around the world to deal with the pandemic, using distance learning tools.

Containment, coronavirus, remote working Photo: mish-vizesi-DfGSm0ivoIA-unsplash
Containment, coronavirus, remote working Photo: mish-vizesi-DfGSm0ivoIA-unsplash

New needs are emerging to overcome lockdown during the pandemic.

Because of the lockdown imposed by states, the citizens and learners of the world are becoming aware of the need to use the digital technology at our disposal enabling remote learning.

Videoconferencing, the perfect tool to:

  • train people by distance learning
  • meet
  • collaborate
  • exchange on various professional subjects

A videoconference session can be organized using either the usual software such as Skype, Google Hangout or videoconferencing platforms such as, … The perfect tools for remote learning.

(avoid platforms that transfer your personal data to FB without your consent).

Skype perfect for remote working Photo : mati-flo-hMv_eRKuaL4-unsplash
Skype remote working Photo : mati-flo-hMv_eRKuaL4-unsplash

Of course, the other traditional means offered by the Internet remain:

  • E-mail
  • Chats (real-time discussion)
  • WhatsAp, IMO, Viber, FACETIME, etc.

Concrete answers and adapted digital means

For several years we have been using these tools to offer our clients the services of:

For these reasons, we are ready to take up the challenges imposed by these current events which encourage us to give the best of ourselves wherever we reside and whatever our skills or our needs in training or associated services may be.

To illustrate what we’ve been doing recently:

  • Before the crisis in February 2020 we accompanied a quality manager of an international cosmetics company to determine the CSR risks of the company before the ECOVADIS and SMETA audit. We connected using SKYPE software (2 participants).
  • In February 2020. We trained about twenty trainees from the same company mentioned above, in business ethics before the ECOVADIS and SMETA audit.
  • A week ago, as part of a course at the University of Le Havre in Intercultural Management, taught in English, we brought together students from the USA and France on the platform. About twenty students were able to attend our course and make their oral presentations, while their classmates listened to them, studied the PowerPoint files shared online, asked questions to other students, interacted under my supervision and moderation.

Specific skills required to use videoconference

Facilitating and teaching by videoconference requires complementary skills and a proven enthusiasm for digital technologies.

I invite you to contact me here to let me know your needs.

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