How to promote your business?

We can interview you as we have already done for Captain Pierre Botnem Marine Surveyor in Gabon. Furthermore, we can help you share your expertise with potential clients and customers, to promote your business as:

« Pierre Botnem, CESAM Marine Surveyor, interviewed by Patrick Lemarié.

Pierre Botnem Marine Surveyor CESAM interview to promote your business

Pierre Botnem Marine Surveyor on deck of Tanker UTHA interview to promote your businessPhoto Captain Pierre Botnem Maritime Expert on Tanker UTHA deck

Hello Pierre so that your future customers can get to know you better, I will ask you today a few questions about your professional background and what led you to become a Marine Surveyor. »

but we can also promote other businesses like the Specialised Energy Consultant, Joachim Endress in Berlin

Joachim Endress Energy consultant interview to promote your business

Interview of Joachim Endress Energy Consultant

« So that your future clients may know you better. I’m going to ask you a few questions today about your professional training and experience and what led you to become an energy consultant. »

Because conducting an interview highlights your skills and expertise and has several advantages:

  • You can use this interview as a promotional article  for your social media networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…)
  • The presence of keywords related to your business improves the organic indexing (SEO) of your texts on the Internet and also increases the probability that prospects will find you
  • This interview is the complement to your general presentation on Linkedin, it allows you to further develop the scope of your skills and areas of intervention and services.
  • Photos describing your specific activity and business with keywords will have the advantage of adding more explicit visual information to complete the text.

The interview conducted in French or English can also be translated and adapted into other languages in order to reach other potential targets.

To conduct this interview you can contact us here so that we can present you this service free of charge. Then if you wish to work with us, we will ask you preliminary questions in order to help you highlight what makes the specificity of your expertise.

See you soon

Patrick Lemarié

International Management Consultant



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