Gunter Pauli’s conference: « Professions to invent » … to build tomorrow’s world!

Gunter Pauli Conference at Paris Saclay business cluster April 2018 Patrick lemarie Consulting

Gunter Pauli’s Conference at Paris Saclay Business Cluster April 2018 Ecole Polytechnique

I discovered Gunter Pauli when he came to the LH Forum in Le Havre in 2014 * and I have also often heard of him at conferences by Idriss Aberkane who dares to say « if you listen to one hour of Gunter Pauli’s lectures it is well worth four hours of mine ». I think that Idriss Aberkane and Gunter Pauli are among those wise inspirers of the new paradigm who are driven first by the enthusiasm to improve our world for the better, before making a purely material profit for themselves. And yet their projects are profitable. This reminds me of the gospel of Matthew 6:33: « Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the rest will be given to you besides ».

Gunter Pauli « the Steve Jobs of sustainable development »

is an extraordinary character – still far too little known – who launched from scratch 200 very innovative sustainable development projects on all continents, founding 38 foundations to manage them and generating 5 billion euros of investment which according to his estimates have already created nearly 3,000,000 jobs (!). WHO HAS EVER DONE ANY BETTER ON THE PLANET? « This is just the beginning, » he asserts by regularly stating his objective of continuing to produce 100 innovations over the next 10 years that can generate 100 million jobs. HIS VISION OF THE « BLUE ECONOMY » IS REVOLUTIONARY He has described it in numerous lectures, and in books and fables, which he has already distributed according to his calculations to 1.3 billion copies (!) especially because they are now on the compulsory curriculum of 340 million Chinese students. His method consists in innovating to implement new intelligent solutions adapted to each local situation by designing production cycles inspired by the functioning of nature where there is never waste and where everything is recycled in a harmonious process. Its secret is to rely on the knowledge and information of 3,000 researchers and scientists with whom he was put in contact in 1995, when the Japanese government asked him to lead the scientific programme of the Kyoto Protocol and this Scientific Committee bombards him every day with new ideas. We have never had so much knowledge about people, animals, plants, materials, agricultural, physical and chemical processes and this new science makes it possible to build solutions that outperform economically, by finding a way to recreate natural cycles in ecosystems where each production benefits from the others.

With the involvement of very active entrepreneurs, Gunter Pauli also relies on a committee of entrepreneurs who bring together the business leaders who have worked with him and who have experience in the field. It is with their opinion that he takes investment decisions on a judgmental basis, without ever wasting time making business plans, market studies or complicated feasibility analyses, overcoming the blockages and a priori of administrations or large groups and combining 6 to 7 complementary projects at the same time.

A typical example of complementary projects:

La Gaviotas pine plantation in Vichada, Colombia, in a very dry region. The trees provided some natural moisture and water supply. On the other hand, the planted pines produce turpentine essential oil obtained by distillation, which also allows the esterification of used frying oils recovered from restaurants and food stores in the region, to make biofuel.

BioDiesel Las Gaviotas Gunter Pauli

BioDiesel Las Gaviotas

Actions that can change the world.

To sum up, Gunter is inspired by his intuitions, which open up new paths that can really change the world, but they are still far too little known today, since he is based in Japan and South Africa and is often only active in regions in difficulty.

This exceptional conference and others are intended to showcase his action and intuitions that can especially inspire young people who have received talents and who want to put them at the service of the common good.

Article written after watching Youtube video MYBEBOODA

and the various videos from Gunter Pauli’s other conferences

LH Forum 2014 Le Havre Session Reconciling Man and the Planet


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